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Who doesn’t love beauty? Looking at photos of tasty food creations posted on social media and blogs make me hungry even when I’ve just eaten. But at the same time, after having seen so much food photography, I tend to sort these images into the 20% I don’t want to spend 80% of my efforts on.

When being efficient and authentic is no longer the goal

It seems that all food bloggers have done their research properly because you will notice many similarities-good lighting, good composition, a high-quality lens, wood or marble ground, and most importantly: decoration with flowers, plants, ingredients and utensils, on and around the food. Some blogs…

“Why doesn’t your wife do it?” I had been waiting for my husband to be asked this question when he asked for flexible work hours, with morning and late afternoon slots reserved for our daily routine with the kids. But thankfully, the question has not popped up so far. Because the answer would be obvious: I work full-time, too.

What a dual-career approach means

There are many paths of following dual careers, not just one.

Nowadays, you’re cool if you’re vegan. I’ve seen people getting asked whether they eat meat instead of whether they have special dietary preferences. The curious thing is that both the wording and recipes many vegans use are still largely based on the experiences of non-vegan eaters. But before I get to that: If you have started reading this page expecting a recipe, then feel free to jump directly to it at the end of this post. But this ‘vegan cheesecake’ issue is no laughing matter-and if you stay with me, I will tell you why.

Vegan pride and why it should not stop at the wording

Veganism is good for animals…

We don’t have a printer at home. This has never been a problem because I only ever need to print when it’s something that needs my signature. I can print at work or ask my neighbours. Then suddenly, work shifted to my home desk and my five-year-old daughter, whom I’d like to call Clara on this blog, was out of colouring pages. How could she have run out of that huge pile of colouring pages? What used to be unimaginable happened so fast without me looking-literally.

As working parents, you cannot have 100%

Unless you are, for example, a mum blogger whose role as a parent is…

There are a lot of jeans in my closet-ten alone in one pile. Most of the time when I make a conscious decision to wear jeans, I only choose between my two favourite ones. So about 80% of my clothing decisions are made up of just 20% of what I have available. In the other 20% of my time, I wear the remaining eight jeans, which makes me question why I insist on keeping them when they are mostly just collecting dust. They had entered my life long before I heard of the 80/20 rule, obviously.

The 80/20 rule is also called Pareto Principle

The 80/20 rule is…


Happily juggling my roles of working full-time in the media industry and resisting the urge to micromanage my two kids. Perfectionist, yet in love with 80/20.

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